How to Encryped Your Electronic & Internet Life

Encrypted Secure Email and Skype Alternative

If you want a free encrypted secure email and an alternative Skype program where the laws do not allow governments to just do what ever they want, you can get this hosted in Iceland and this service is free or if you want to…

Store your data on an Encrypted Cloud Service

This service is hosted in New Zealand, it will give you 50 Gigabytes free to store your personal data and it is very encrypted to the point it will never be cracked or hacked please see

Host your website in Iceland or the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and you do not want the government to be able to shut down your website before you have a fair trial then Iceland may be a better choice for you.   If you do not feel like your website is in any danger of this, then the U.S. hosting may be better just because of the price.  We have both Iceland and U.S. Hosting services right now, so please contact us for more information.




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